Treetops Nurseries
Allowing us great freedom to explore lots of natural play ideas and explore play through the eyes of a toddler working with Treetops Nurseries was a very rewarding experience.

Client Name

Treetops Nurseries

Estimated Timescale

Two Weeks

Project Type

Nursery Construction

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Project Information

Natural Play were very lucky to have worked with Treetops Nurseries, from the first meeting there was a coming together of like minds about how play is so important to little ones.
Creating immersive play environments that stimulate interaction, creativity, role-play, communication and social skills were our main thoughts, so we began to conceptualise ideas, always involving the client through each process.

From this, we developed the Treetops Treehouse garden concept, toddlers would have low level treehouses to explore, play, sit in and interact on. Surrounding this would be many other play items, messy mud play, sand discovery pits, water play, tactile hand carved story telling areas for quiet time and green and growing areas for green fingers to explore.

We designed hand pump water features, rock pools, mini pebble rivers, water leaf troughs and arched bridges to cross the streams. We designed in sound, so that children could bang drums, designed in shipwreck stages for mini graduation ceremonies and role-play. Garden planting areas allowed for growing their own flowers and vegetables. Bug hotels with built in bug study stations fired the toddlers curious mind.

Natural Play used thick pile astroturf to give extra texture to the play environment and shaped it to create humps and mounds around our Treehouses. Details were then added such as hand carved leaf finger maze panels. All this came together to form an immersive, safe and fun environment for the children to explore.