Skylark Garden Centre – King Coop’s Castle
When approached by the great folks at Skylark Garden Centre to design a twelve metre high castle with three different and exciting slides, Natural Play jumped at the chance.

Client Name

Skylark Garden Centre - King Coop's Castle

Estimated Timescale

Five Weeks

Project Type

Outdoor Adventure Play / Design & Construction

Project Gallery

Project Information

Three different slides, a huge twelve metre high timber castle, winding stairs, television screens, safety surfacing, covered landing zone, fencing, pennants, flags and huge graphics all went into creating this awesome play structure at Skylark Garden Centre.

The client already had existing characters that it was using in it's corporate identity and they wished to bring them into a new and exciting castle themed play structure, King Coop's Castle was the end result.

Working closely with the client, Natural Play began by coming up with concept sketches for the castle which were quickly approved, once technical drawings had also been approved we began construction. Five weeks later the project was complete, even down to the colour matched slides to their characters, giving the project a real cohesive feel.

The castle was set into the glorious open fields of the garden centre and is so high that it can be seen over the trees while passing on the road outside the business!