Paultons Park – Little Africa
Paultons Park - Little Africa is one of our favourite projects, featuring many themed enclosures, including meerkats, monitor lizards, porcupines and a dark nocturnal house!

Client Name

Paultons Park

Estimated Timescale

Sixteen Weeks

Project Type

Wildlife Enclosures, Covered Walkway, Outdoor Leisure Construction

Project Gallery

Project Information

The Natural Play Company was delighted to work with the great team at Paultons Park on designing and building their walk-through aviary project - Little Africa.

As the project developed it quickly became so much more than an aviary, we designed in a reptile house, a porcupine enclosure, a nocturnal house and a meerkat enclosure.

At the centre of the build was the walk-through aviary, taking the guests into the heart of the bird enclosure, which was all themed as an African watering hole. There they could see an impressive mix of bird species such as the Madagascan Partridge, the White Faced Whistling Duck, the Sacred Ibis, the Madagascan Teal and perched on top a an artificial Baobab tree, the Hooded vulture!

Natural Play created artificial rocks, patterned pressed concrete, large viewing glass panels, waterfalls, themed African huts with thatch roofs, themed rusted tin roofs, interactive sculptural games, covered African walkways, an enclosure hospital, mural work, hand carved timber signs and illuminated signage for the nocturnal house. All these incredible features came together to create a world class themed project and attraction.