Birdworld – Sir Terry Pratchett’s Owl Parliament
Our first project with Birdworld could not have been more exciting than this, an owl aviary based on the books of Sir Terry Pratchett.

Client Name

Sir Terry Pratchett's Owl Parliament

Estimated Timescale

Five Weeks

Project Type

Owl Aviary Construction

Project Gallery

Project Information

Being a long time fan of the books of Sir Terry Pratchett and being offered the chance to work with his foundation and design an owl aviary was something very special. Birdworld wished to create an owl aviary based on the owl parliament of Sir Terry Pratchett's books, a perfect combination of theme and aviary.

We began by intently listening to the client in regard to the needs of each owl species being housed in the aviary. There were going to be eight species of owl, ranging from the large Snowy owl to the smaller Boobook owl. We then set pencil to paper and began conceptualising. Many meetings and scribbles followed until a design was approved and we began construction.

We created aviaries around existing trees to create tree houses, large entry towers to give the feel of the Discworld novels, hand carved owl themed rotary jigsaws, huge chunky log stump benches, hand carved owl rubbing plates, themed signage, large Discworld hand carved coat of arms, educational finger mazes and a Discworld themed photo opportunity board.

Birdworld then finished the project with internal landscaping of rocks, tree stumps and planting to create a fantastic interactive owl aviary.