Birdworld – Batak Village Cockatoo Aviary
Our good friends at Birdworld asked us to design a aviary for their Cockatoo collection. Indigenous to the Indonesian Islands, Natural Play designed the enclosure as a traditional Batak village.

Client Name

Birdworld - Batak Village Cockatoo Aviary

Estimated Timescale

Four Weeks

Project Type

Aviary / Zoo Enclosure Construction

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Project Information

Having successfully worked with Birdworld on other projects, Natural Play was delighted to be asked to design and build an exciting new aviary to house their wonderful collection of Cockatoos. The client wished for the enclosure to be inspired by the Indonesian islands, so we decided upon the idea of a traditional Batak village to house the birds.

When designing the aviary we payed careful attention to the clients wishes and took on board their expertise. The enclosures had to be high and wide to give the birds plenty of space, they had to allow light to flow in and a quiet retreat area for the birds had to be designed at the rear of the construction so that the birds could roost. Finally, behind the back walls, staff access corridors with airlock door systems were designed in.

Birdworld themselves then expertly landscaped the interiors with planting, rocks, ropes and tree stumps to bring together a fantastic addition to their excellent park.