National Forest Adventure Farm – Jurassic Canyon
Jurassic Canyon was designed to be a large dinosaur fossil hunt and large sand play pit. Excavate the sand to find the fossilised bones, eggs and a full size t-rex!

Client Name

National Forest Adventure Farm

Estimated Timescale

Four Weeks

Project Type

Outdoor Adventure Play, Dinosaur Dig, Sand Play

Project Gallery

Project Information

Natural Play was tasked with the design and build of a dinosaur fossil hunting play space. We wanted the whole experience to be all about the family, so a large astroturf berm was designed that would surround and retain the sand play space and also act as a great seating area for Mum, Dad, Grandparents and carers.

Getting our palaeontologist hats on, we began by carving dinosaur thigh bones, dinosaur eggs and a full size T-rex fossil that would lie underneath the sand waiting to be discovered. A large timber tool shed was designed in to hold all the tools, the buckets, the spades, the sieves, the brushes and hard hats.

As this was a sand play, we also designed in a sand sorting station, this had sand sifting decks, sand play tables, sand troughs and sand pulleys to move the sand onto the sorting station.

We also designed in rock climbing areas with hand carved fossils to act as additional theming, play and seating. Job was then complemented and completed with themed rope and netting fencing with a large printed graphic sign board.