Swansea Community Farm – Mud Kitchen
The only city farm in Wales commissioned Natural Play to design and build a large mud kitchen play area to get their smaller guests making mud pies and having messy fun!

Client Name

Swansea Community Farm - Mud Kitchen

Estimated Timescale

One Week

Project Type

Outdoor Adventure Design & Construction

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Project Information

The amazing Swansea Community Farm has been running for over twenty years all through local volunteers. Natural Play were very happy to come along and help out and build a new mud kitchen experience for the younger guests.

The mud kitchen had large play bowls, a Belfast 'mud pit' sink, large storage shelves, a play oven, overhead storage cupboard, hand carved timber entrance sign and plenty of fun pots, pans, sieves and spatulas. We even designed in a warm water hand washing station to get the little chefs clean after their fun.

Mud kitchens are a great way to make children connect and learn imaginative, sensory, explorative and creative play.