Mellors Group – Pop Up Summer Bar – Nottingham
The Mellors Group are responsible for one of the best urban beach projects in the UK. Their Nottingham event needed a pop bar, Natural Play was ready to help.

Client Name

Mellors Group - Pop Up Summer Bar - Nottingham

Estimated Timescale

Two Weeks

Project Type

Outdoor attraction

Project Gallery

Project Information

Always ready for a new challenge, Mellors Group approached Natural Play to design and build a pop up summer bar for their big urban beach summer event in Nottingham. The challenge was to create an exiting bar environment that could be built very quickly, used, then dismantled, put into storage and then erected again the following year.

Natural play designed a Jamaican style beach shack with a long bar, a cool cargo box rear shelving system that would house all the drinks, fridges, televisions and glasses.

Themed timber signs, brightly coloured tin sheeting, directional beach pointer signs and themed bar seating all came together to create a great central attraction within their bigger urban beach site.