Center Parcs – Forest Golf
A forest themed eighteen hole adventure golf course through the beautiful Moselle forest in Center Parcs France.

Client Name

Center Parcs

Estimated Timescale

Four Weeks

Project Type

Mini Golf Construction

Project Gallery

Project Information

Meandering through the Moselle forest, Center Parcs commissioned Forest Golf, a themed eighteen hole course. Natural boulders, slate chippings, log stumps and fallen tree limbs formed the edges to the course, giving it a very natural feel against the existing forest backdrop. Large log stump signage were designed to be in several languages so that it could take into account all the European guests.

Guests could play through hand carved timber lazy rainworms, play through coloured astroturf rabbit bunkers, take on the obstacle challenge of the giant fallen tree stump, putt through drifting forest sand dunes, avoid the giant mushroom fields, mulligan their way through crawling roots and take on the green man stump jump.

Altogether creating a great family attraction for their resort.