Center Parcs – Nordseekuste
A design and build outdoor adventure golf project for one of the great European Center Parcs resorts in Noordseekuste, Germany

Client Name

Center Parcs

Estimated Timescale

Five Weeks

Project Type

Mini Golf Design & Construction

Project Gallery

Project Information

A great maritime themed adventure golf course at Center Parcs Nordseekuste. Designed with a central decking walkway through the middle, this eighteen hole course had lots of great features designed in for a fun family golf experience.

The central feature was a five meter high themed fishing shack, complete with fishing rods hanging over the sides. Around the rest of the course were shipwrecks, giant log stump obstacles, tree trunk ramps, barrel challenges, rigging rope runs, themed treasure chests and a play through old themed fishing shed.

The project was beautifully landscaped with large boulders, ornamental planting, coloured shingle and completed with low level lighting.