Birdworld – Barnyard Play
A lovely, bright and cheerful outdoor adventure play project completed for our good friends at Birdworld.

Client Name

Birdworld - Farnham

Estimated Timescale

Two Weeks

Project Type

Outdoor Play

Project Gallery

Project Information

Wishing to enhance the existing farmyard section of Birdworld, Natural Play were invited to design and build a barnyard themed play space. We began by removing the old play unit, this had been worn out from many years of good use! We designed a new fun farm barn experience with enclosed play barns, ramps, a slide, a net bridge, chicken coop role-playing hut, fireman's pole and a timber crawl tunnel.

We used coloured rubber mulch safety surfacing for the base and designed it to look like a stream with a large mud splash in the centre. The play space was then surrounded by a palisade fence which had chunky sleeper benches on the inside for Mum, Dad, Grandparents and carers to have a relax and watch the children play in a safe and fun environment.